about phrawup/day2day
this photoblog is a continuously growing portfolio - all pictures © jc. lebreton.
it's a part of the phrawup photographers collective.

no digital camera used for this site. photoshop used for basic touching up.

send me an email if you want to buy a print.
about me
i am 30 and i live in paris for about 12 years. i took up photography while living in turkey in the 90s. i got my first camera from the russian market in ankara. it was a zenith, and i still have it (but never use it). since then i have upgraded my equipment but still prefer manual bodies.

although i sometimes indulge in colour photography, i am more inclined to take black and white photos.

i thank you for visiting my blog and hope you like the pictures i do. please don't hesitate to leave a comment so i have a trace of your visit on my photoblog.
my equipment
leica m6 - always dreamed of it
nikon fm2 - unbreakable
nikon f80 - the one i use when i'm lazy
holga 120cfn - kind of a toy, but funny
nikon coolscan 5000
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